Motorcycles and Scooters – Igloo Antifreeze Super Coolant



100% Coolant Concentrate

Igloo Antifreeze Super Coolant is specially formulated using pure ethylene glycol and superior additives to deliver protection against boiling and freezing. Igloo contains special additives that can protect aluminium alloy and copper iron motor cycle radiators against damaging rust and corrosion.

Customer Benefits

Protection against freeze-up
 Superior Anti-boil protection
 All season protection
 Protects against damaging rust and corrosion
 Aluminium alloy and copper iron friendly
 Seals, rubber parts and plastic parts friendly
 Water pump lubrication and protection

Technical Specifications

Coolant Concentration Level
Specific Gravity @ 20°C kg/m³
Boiling Point °C ASTM D1130
pH Value ASTM 1787
Reserve Alkalinity, ASTM D1121
20 Min

** The specifications given above are obtained with a standard tolerance threshold during production and may not be considered accurate specifications. Some racing regulation only allow pure water as cooling medium. Please check before use.

Recommendations For Use

Before using the product, please refer to vehicle’s user guide. Coolant use should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Igloo is 100% concentrated liquid and may be diluted up to 20% with water.