Fully Synthetic Multi CVT Fluid



Estremo Fully Synthetic Multi CVT Fluid is specially formulated for use in multi vehicles like Toyota, Nissan, Honda and others.

Estremo Fully Synthetic Multi CVT Fluid technology provides a high and stable level of steel on steel friction co-efficient, exceptional paper friction durability and the ability to control friction levels in line with multi vehicle manufacturer requirements.


Highly recommended for use in push belt type CVTs like:
  • Toyota CVTF TC, FE
  • Nissan NS1, NS2, NS3
  • Honda HMMF1, HCF2
  • Mitsubishi SP-III, CVTF-J1
  • Subaru ECVT, iCVT
  • Daihatsu AMMIX CVT
  • Suzuki CVTF TC, NS-2, CVT GREEN 1
  • Hyundai SP-III
  • Chrysler Jeep NS-2
  • Mini Cooper EZL 799
  • JASO M315 A Specification
Not recommended for use in:
  • Chain type CVTs – eg: Audi Multitronic and Subaru Lineartronic
  • Power Split type CVT – eg: Toyota Prius
  • Honda starting clutch CVT


  • Reduces sludge and varnish formation
  • Superior wear protection
  • Excellent shift and long service intervals
  • Excellent film protection at high temperatures

Technical Specifications

Kinematic Viscosity mm²/s @ 40°C 35.7
Kinematic Viscosity mm²/s @100°C 7.4
Calcium Mass % 0.020
Phosporus Mass % 0.049
Specific Gravity @ 60°C 0.849
Viscosity Index 180
Pour Point, °C -52
Colour Red