Antifreeze Supercoolant



Antifreeze Super Coolant is specially formulated using pure ethylene glycol and superior additives to give maximum protection against boiling and freezing.

Estremo Antifreeze Super Coolant contains special additives that can protect aluminium alloy and copper iron radiators against damaging rust and corrosion.

All laws and regulations should be observed when disposing of Antifreeze/Coolant and Radiator Fluids. Call the EPA or the office of your state or local environmental agency for details on disposal procedures.


  • Protection against freeze-up
  • Superior Anti-Boil protection
  • All season protection
  • Protects against damaging rust and corrosion
  • Aluminium alloy and copper iron friendly

Technical Specifications

Coolant Concentration Level 100%
Specific gravity @ 20°C kg/m³ 1.132
Boiling Point °C ASTM D1130 190
pH value ASTM 1787 7.5
Reserve Alkalinity, ASTM D1121 20 min